Termination Letter for Business Energy

If you are thinking of changing supplier or just want a better deal with your current energy provider for business gas and electricity then you need to send your current supplier a termination letter. This is required to terminate the contract and can only be done during the specific times mentioned in your contract letter. It will give notice to terminate the contract and provide a discontinuation of supply. Just be sure you have your new supply set up in time.

Example Letter

To: (your current supplier)
From : (your company name and address)
Reference : (Your contract number and Mpan number)

Dear sirs,
Our company wishes to formally terminate our business electricity (and gas) supply agreement with you as from today and per the terms and conditions of our contract.

Our supply address is (enter your premises details here) and our MPAN number is (enter your meter number(s) here).

This letter is sent to you to ensure we can choose a new supplier and agreement when our current contract expires on (enter date of the end of your contract here) as per your termination notice of 30 days (or 45 days).

Please ensure you provide confirmation of receipt and acceptance of this termination letter within 48 hours of the receipt of this letter. As we have faxed this letter to your company would someone contact us on any of the methods below to confirm receipt and acceptance.

Our telephone number is (enter number here)
Our email address is (enter email address here)

Yours sincerely
Your name
Your company name

You should send or fax this termination letter as soon as possible so you are not placed upon a roll over contract without your consent.